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Linus Solanki  
#1 Posted : 07 June 2018 04:11:34(UTC)
Linus Solanki

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In New Order, there were different people involved who didn't want to do that as much as other people, and you have to respect everybody’s, you know, way of life. You can't make people do what they don't want to do. You can try, but invariably it's gonna cause bad feeling, isn't it? So the thing is, as your relationship grew, and you turned into different people — that's what led to the differences in the band. "Inconceivable" — is that the right word?


"Irreconcilable" — that's the right word, isn't it? And it's sad, you know, I would love to have a nice relationship with the three people that have been the most important to me in my life, but I don't, and it's really sad, that.

Yeah, one day you'll have that dinner, maybe, down the road.

Yeah, hopefully. I really do hope so because when I get to my age, you realize that life is actually quite short, and to waste it on anything is silly, really, but we'll have to see really.


I promise to make you so alive that the fall of dust on furniture will deafen you. Nina Cassian
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50 Pound Note  
#2 Posted : 07 June 2018 05:32:50(UTC)
50 Pound Note

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My ex-husband wants to sit down and have dinner with me, because he's a total narcissist, and can't stand that I won't speak to him.

But he's the one who divorced me, and burned that bridge. So Peter can look back on his mistakes, and regret the way he handled things, but that doesn't mean Barney, Steven, and Gillian want anything to do with him.

- 50pn
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Rocket Mick on 09/06/2018(UTC)
Ken Doherty  
#3 Posted : 07 June 2018 06:31:19(UTC)
Ken Doherty

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'Hook admits that The Light does indeed have music “aching to come out,” but that playing material from his older bands is just too enjoyable.'

Is this because no one wants to hear him (and the Light) sing new songs (and if they do, not at more than pub prices to get to see it), especially seeing as the last original thing he brought out was Freebass?
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Linus Solanki on 08/06/2018(UTC), Rocket Mick on 09/06/2018(UTC)
#4 Posted : 07 June 2018 12:50:05(UTC)

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Pretty good interview. Thanks for posting it.

However much musically I would love Hook to reconcile with the rest of the band, there's a part of me that feels that any sort of reconvening would be false.

I mean, even if Barney and Hooky became best mates again, how would Gillian (especially) feel about Hooky being part of the band. Considering the horribly cruel (and, from all accounts, pretty much untrue) things he said about her. Also, Steve would have to be a much, much better man than me to have such comments said about his wife and not let it bother him.

But, knowing how amiable Steve & Gillian are (even Hooky states that the pair of them never takes sides), they would probably go along with Barney asking them to accept Hooky back into the band (should he even wish to rejoin), just to keep the peace. Decent people that they are.

Then there'd be this horrible 'false' feeling of camaraderie, where everybody says things are rosy in interviews, but Hooky would probably still be angry at Barney for his foibles. And he'd probably still be dismissive of Gillian. Whilst S&G would probably be inwardly seething at Hooky for being Hooky and at Barney for putting them into that situation.

It's a very moot point though; I can't imagine Barney ever really forgiving the guy who, at every opportunity, took a shot at 'El Twatto' / 'New Odour' (or whatever other silly name he called people).

Shame. I love them all (as much as anyone can who doesn't really know them). I just wish it had not got to this position in the first place.
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Linus Solanki on 08/06/2018(UTC), Rocket Mick on 09/06/2018(UTC)
#5 Posted : 07 June 2018 15:46:35(UTC)

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Not much to do with NO or Hooky in the musical sense but what struck me in this interview were these bits:

I must admit that I can actually understand Trump's hot-headedness in that position of power because I suffer from doing things myself.

Yes. He [Trump] needs a Jack, a Jessica and a Rebecca, my wife, but then again, you see, he'd be no fun, would he

Fun? What like, Trump saying: “many sides” were to blame for the white supremacist-fueled violence in Virginia that resulted in murder last year?
Or when he congratulated Israel on their new Jerusalem US embassy whilst sixty miles away, the Israeli army were gunning down Palestinian protestors?
That sort of fun Hooky?

Maybe if you're in a rock band or on a satirical current affairs show you can be fun, but Trump is president of a western super power. Fun isn't necessarily the top priority.

But that does lead me to at least agree with Hooky on this bit:
You know, people put musicians on pedestals and look at them in these completely different light, and yet, really, they're just as daft as stupid as everybody else.

The interviewer seems to agree too:
Absolutely, mmm-hmm, if not more daft and stupid.

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Rocket Mick on 09/06/2018(UTC)
#6 Posted : 08 June 2018 02:12:25(UTC)

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You’re wasting your breath, Debaser. I’ve ranted about the evil knobhead Trump but people look at me like i’m bad guy. I give up.

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#7 Posted : 09 June 2018 20:55:25(UTC)

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Hooky will never be a part of New Order again. He's said too much, done too much.

They are happier without him, that's a fact.

Bernard is the songwriting engine of NO, combined with Steve's programming/drumming, Gillian's synth parts, and what Phil brings on guitar and the low end groove that Tom gives them, NO don't need Hooky musically anymore either. They created one of the best albums of their entire career without Hooky and they are still riding of the crest of that record three years later.

And by the way...just because NO isn't releasing new music doesn't mean that they aren't coming up with new musical ideas, following new music, soaking up inspiration, and thinking about the future, because they are. And no offense to Hooky...I've never met him and I am sure he's great (despite what he's said about the band), but you know, NO have moved on, and he needs to move on as well.
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Rorschach on 10/06/2018(UTC), Rocket Mick on 10/06/2018(UTC)
#8 Posted : 12 June 2018 11:49:36(UTC)

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My favorite person in music died a few days ago. Danny Kirwan played guitar,, sang ,and wrote songs .
Bernard's career began at the time Danny's ended. To be thankful for both is an understatement . Bernard has historically shown that whoever he works with , there will be excellent songs , and when he gets going the number of songs is substantial. May he and Peter have more great songs for us
We're like kestrels
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Rocket Mick on 14/06/2018(UTC)
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